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 Jobskin® Division of the Torbot Group Inc. has a unique history grounded in the very beginning of the gradient compression garment industry. Conrad Jobst, a highly renowned mechanical engineer, pioneered gradient compression garment manufacturing in the 1950’s. Afflicted with chronic venous insufficiency, he searched to find a solution for his medical challenge and to improve his quality of life. Conrad engineered his own solution, and marked the beginning of the compression garment industry as we know it today at “The Jobst Institute” in Toledo, Ohio.

Jobskin® burn garments as a separate brand evolved from Conrad’s initial compression garments to treat the scarring of people who had been burned. Constant pressure on a healing burn was used to treat the scarring that develops to reduce the severity of the scars. Over subsequent years “The Jobst Institute” continued to innovate, and their expertise was recognized by large international companies as desirable for their growth. Corporate purchases caused the Jobskin®  brand to change ownership several times.


In 2003, The Torbot Group Inc., headquarters in Cranston, Rhode Island, purchased the Jobskin® brand of Custom and Interim Care burn compression garments along with standard pre-sized gloves (used for burn and vascular therapies). Included in the sale were all resources that are part of the manufacturing process. For example, employees, work instructions, procedures, fabric standards, fabric grading methods, and all materials essential to manufacture a compression garment were included in the sale. Torbot’s keen purchase was a good fit to expand their line of medical device manufacturing from their Ostomy line to gradient compression garments. In one purchase, Torbot gained all of the equipment, personnel, and most importantly, knowledge necessary to manufacture custom gradient compression, and standard sized compression garments.

Torbot’s talented and dedicated employees manufactured Jobskin® to meet the needs of  our burned customers continuously since the 2003 transition. Product lines added under the Torbot Group’s aegis are Torbot Vascular gradient compression garments, SNUG (Sensory Neuromuscular Under Garments), Carissa post-surgical compression garments, thoracic vests, and abdominal binders.

The Torbot Group Inc. Mission

For over 50 years, Torbot has been providing the finest ostomy supplies available to the medical community. Torbot manufactures its own line of ostomy products and distributes a full line of major brands of products dealing with skin care, wound care and incontinence. We also have our own custom products department which has solved many difficult problems for individuals in the past.

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Jobskin Division of Torbot

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Jobskin Customer Testimonial

I want to let you know that the customer service at Torbot has beenoutstanding! It has been better than any other company I have worked with!  I am fairly new to Torbot and Burn garments. The staff at Torbot has been more than patient with me while I'm learning the in's and out's of every garment.

I personally would like to thank Michelle in the office for her patience and her willingness to help me and answer questions. She has helped me make the proper garment selection in a number of complex cases.  Michelle is the first to contact me if there is a question regarding an order. She has placed numerous orders over the phone for me while my fax was down.

Her customer service alone has me coming back to place orders with Torbot. So thank you Michelle!

And the designers of the custom garments do an outstanding job. Every garment I have fit has been just what i ordered, beautiful and flawless. Great job everyone!

My patients and I are both very pleased with Torbot!

Thank you for all your hard work!

Hilary Benz, Certified Fitter

Sunmed Medical Solutions

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Custom Vascular and Jobskin Burn Garments
The associates of The Torbot Group Toledo (Jobskin Division) are committed to providing innovative compression therapy products which ease the pain and suffering of our customers and improve their quality of life.

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Custom Vascular and Jobskin Burn Garments

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