Custom Vascular and Jobskin Burn Garments

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A premier organization dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by burn injuries.

Jobskin Burn garments may be paid for by Aetna insurance if they meet three tests. See if you qualify now!

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ALPS lotion and Venosan Donning aids! For use with Jobskin burn compression garments and Torbot Vascular/Edema compression garments.

Users Say:

  • "My compression sleeve slid right on over the ALPS lotion."
  • Venosan Donning gloves really grip the fabric without snagging.
  • ALPS lotion Is non-greasy.
  • ALPS eases itch, rejuvenates skin.
  • "ALPS made my leg feel silky-smooth."
  • A little bit of ALPS lotion goes a long way and feels fantastic!
  • Water soluble; machine washes out of your custom compression garment.
  • ​An elderly patient says using the Venosan Donning Frame with Venosan Donning Gloves "makes it very easy to get my compression garment on."  She is adding the ALPS lotion to make it an even smoother experience.




Ready-to-wear compression garments in 8 convenient styles.

Jobskin Customer Testimonial:

...I want to let you know that the customer service at Torbot has been outstanding! It has been better than any other company I have worked with!  

...I personally would like to thank Michelle... in the office for her patience and her willingness to help me and answer questions. She has helped me make the proper garment selection in a number of complex cases. 

...customer service alone has me coming back to place orders with Torbot.

...the designers of the custom garments do an outstanding job. Every garment I have fit has been just what i ordered, beautiful and flawless. Great job everyone!

    My patients and I are both very pleased with Torbot!

...Thank you for all your hard work!

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edema, other swelling.

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Available in your custom compression garments.

Exhaustive Information on topics important to  burn survivors.

Over 50 Years Experience Manufacturing Gradient Compression Garments!

Welcome to the Jobskin Division of the Torbot Group Inc. We put all of our accumulated experience and knowledge into making you the best garment possible.  We invite you peruse our pages of health-related information, interact with your therapists, and feel free to joins us at Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

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